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Orchestra of Samples: <br>U Rajesh (India)</br>

Orchestra of Samples:
U Rajesh (India)

Each month we dip into the fascinating blog of ethno-sampling mavericks Addictive TV and their global music project Orchestra of Samples. Recording and sampling musicians around the world, creating extraordinary new music, this post takes us to India in early 2022 recording with mandolin superstar U Rajesh.  MANDOLIN IN SOUTHERN...
Daily Discovery: Goya – Dilli

Daily Discovery: Goya – Dilli

Abhishek Sekhri also known as Goya is a New Delhi-based electronic musician, composer and producer. He recently released ‘Dilli‘, a tune inspired by the Indian capital featuring sample “the most annoying yet iconic sounds of Delhi”. The track is part of the ‘sonic public engagement project’ called Sounds Of The City,...