Preview: Mohammed Yahya @ Hootananny (London; Sunday 27th October 2019)


More than a style or musical region, October’s appointment with Rhythm Passport’s Global Sundays at Hootananny is dedicated to an artist currently enriching and brightening the London music scene, Mohammed Yahya.

Founding member of Native Sun, as well as bilingual rapper, poet, educator and events organiser, Mohammed is a 360-degree artist with a cause (actually far more than one), spreading his socially conscious messages and commitment all over the world.

From hip-hop to Afro-dance, and from Mozambique to London, his musical credo explores African and European traditions and their constant evolution and progress.

So, join us on Sunday 27th October for a free-entry event meant to showcase and delve into the artistry of a brilliant musician, expose you to his thought-provoking lyrics and have you dancing to his gripping beats.

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