Wiki -> Writers -> Publishing Articles

Here is a step by step guide to publishing articles on Rhythm Passport

  1. Go to and login
  2. If you get redirect to another page after login just paste the address in step 1 again
  3. At the top of the page put the mouse over +NEW and click on “post”
  4. Add post title SEE NAMING CONVENTIONS
  5. Add description/copy for the article
  6. Add Credits to the “credit section” SEE NAMING CONVENTIONS
  7. Select the correct category only click the second level not ”Articles & Reviews”
  8. Select the appropriate genres, or add new genres if you can’t find the ones you are looking for. If in doubt (and you are writing about something relating to an event) refer back to the event page, if you can’t find it (past event) then Google Rhythm Passport EVENT NAME
  9. Select the appropriate artist names, or add new if you can’t find it
  10. Format should be left on standard unless publishing a video or audio interview
  11. In the “Settings” box click mark as featured unless you are publishing an event preview
  12. Adding a photographers gallery to a post (see images below)
  13. rp_guides_article_add_gallery_01

A popup window will appear:



14. Add a featured image (cover photo for the article)

There are two ways of adding a featured image.

a) If you already have the image: under the featured image menu click “Set featured image” if you are publishing a non Rhythm Passport image then click upload files, upload the image.  Once uploaded the box at the bottom “set featured image” will be clickable, click it

b) If you are being provide an image by one of the photographers: go to the cover photos page, look for the photographer that was at the event, click the image so it pops up.  Then save that image to your computer by right clicking (save as) or dragging it from you browser to your desktop, then follow step a) above


15) Final step publishing

In the “publish box” you will see the text either the text “submit for review” or “Publish” if you see:

a) Submit for review button:  Click it to submit for review

b) Submit button: Then click next to “status” where it says “edit” then select from the dropdown box “pending review” click “OK” then click the button above “Save pending”

Once you have done this please e-mail and cc to let us know that you have submitted it.


It will then be checked over by the copy-editor and we will schedule the post